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PACCo Newsletter: Winter 2021-2022

This edition introduces you to the PACCo sites in the lower Otter and Saâne valleys, takes a look at species of birds we hope to start seeing, and introduces you to one of our project team members.

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PACCo Newsletter: Spring 2022

In this issue we take a look at progress being made on both our PACCo sites. Work has begun on the campsite in Quiberville, Normandy, and the wastewater treatment plant is making fantastic progress. In the lower Otter valley, construction has started for the new road bridge and rare plants have been relocated.

We also take a first look at results for both our carbon capture research and socio-economic survey, as well as findings from ecology surveys in the Saâne valley. Kate Ponting, Countryside Learning Officer for Clinton Devon Estates also interviews Jasper Westaway, Head of Youth Development for the Budleigh Salterton Cricket Club.

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PACCo Information leaflet

This information leaflet gives an overview of the project and why PACCo is important, the long-term outcomes, contact information for each site, as well as information on practical on the ground delivery.

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Lower Otter SRC fish surveys (September 2021)

Results of a fish survey and monitoring programme conducted in the Lower Otter estuary and associated salt marshes.

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PACCo Socioeconomic Framework

Using the PACCo sites as case studies, this framework will document how socioeconomic benefits can be realised by creating new rare intertidal habitat, improving ecosystem services, managing threats to the environment and human health, and adapting existing public facilities and infrastructure.

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Lower Otter carbon report

A report providing a pre-restoration assessment of carbon at the Lower Otter Restoration Project.

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PACCo Education Resources are aimed at teachers and students in Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-Level.

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GCSE Coastal Realignment

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GCSE student worksheet mapwork

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GCSE student worksheet mapwork Answers

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KS3 Landscape Change PPT branded

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KS3 Landscape change student workshee

Download ks3 landscape change student workshee

A Level Sustainable Coastal Management Slides

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A Level Sustainable Coastal Management Teachers Notes

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