Watch our videos to bring the projects to life

Our PACCo videos will keep you update to date with what’s happening in the Otter and Saâne Valleys. Hear from the people working on the projects, see images and drone footage of the changing landscapes, and get a feel for progress as we spend the next two years transforming our landscapes to adapt early to climate change and create benefits for our communities and the landscape along the way. Check this page for regular updates.

Welcome to PACCo

Introducing the Promoting Adaptation to Changing Coasts project! Meet some of our team from across the UK and France and learn what our climate change project is all about.

What is PACCo? - explainer animation

What is PACCo and what does it mean for the future of our coastal communities and estuarine locations? Follow the PACCo journey in this informative animation.

The future of our coasts - the importance of climate adaptation and intertidal habitat restoration

Hear from some of our project team and partners from both sides of the Channel on the importance of climate adaptation, coastal resilience and wetland restoration, and how PACCo will help meet the increasing challenges of climate change by working with nature to provide a range of environmental and socioeconomic benefits.

The PACCo model - how can we achieve proactive climate adaptation?

Interested in finding out more about how to implement pre-emptive climate adaptation projects? This video discusses how the PACCo project came to be, the funding and collaboration that enabled its delivery, the mix of traditional construction and nature-based works it entailed, and the similarities and differences between the two sites.

PACCo and Devon Wildlife Trust webinar

Watch this PACCo webinar hosted by Devon Wildlife Trust to learn more about the project.

Lower Otter Restoration Project

East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Dr Sam Bridgewater, Head of Wildlife and Conservation at Clinton Devon Estates and Pebblebed Heaths Conservation Trust joins Chris Woodruff (AONB Manager) to discuss the Lower Otter Restoration Project

Virtual tour of the Lower Otter Restoration Project (webinar)

This webinar provides an overview of the PACCo project, plus a virtual tour of one of our sites - the Lower Otter Restoration Project in Devon with Mike Williams, Habitat and Restoration Specialist at the Environment Agency.

PACCo: Natural Capital and Socio-economics (webinar)

Find out more about the PACCo's early natural capital and socio-economic findings.

Hear from Dr. Sam Bridgewater, Head of Wildlife and Conservation at Clinton Devon Estates and Pebblebed Heaths Conservation Trust; Dr. Roger Auster, Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Exeter; and Dr. Susanne Armstrong, Principal Marine Environmental Consultant at APBMer.

The Saâne, coastal river of Seine-Maritime

This film offers a discovery of the coastal river La Saâne: a coastal river laid out like the 9 rivers of the Seine Maritime. Lead officials reflect on the future of this river and its environment in the face of urbanization, flooding and climate change.

A lasting legacy - PACCo project reflections

See the stunning and transforming landscapes of our two sites at the Otter Valley in Devon, England, and the Saâne Valley in Normandy, France, and hear reflections from some of our team on what makes PACCo unique, its key benefits, and the lasting legacy it will achieve.