Thomas Drouet, Assistant to Project Manager, Conservatoire du littoral

I’m a recent graduate with a master’s degree in Geography, Regional Planning. I joined the Conservatoire du littoral in April 2021 as part of an end-of-study internship to write a story on the Cressenval marsh in the Seine estuary. In November 2021, I joined the PACCo team as an assistant project manager.

Within the PACCo project, I am in charge of writing the deliverables for the “Ecosystem Quality” work package, contributing to writing the PACCo deliverables for the “socio-economic” work package, and contributing to the creation of tools for the dissemination of the PACCo “How to Guide “. I am very happy to be part of such a project working to adapt to coastal changes.

Project Location: Basse Saane 2050, France