Dr. Sam Bridgewater CEnv MCIEEM, Clinton Devon Estates Lead for the Lower Otter Restoration Project and PACCo project

I am also the Estate lead for the River Otter Beaver Trial. I joined Clinton Devon Estates in 2012 and have responsibility for ensuring that the protection of wildlife and natural habitats are embedded into all aspects of Estate decision-making. My remit includes oversight of the management of the Estate’s core nature reserves  – the 1,000 hectare East Devon Pebblebed Heaths and the Otter Estuary – and advise on the development of the Estate’s environmental strategy, including natural capital accounting.

I was formerly a researcher at the Natural History Museum and the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, and my research interests include describing and explaining patterns of plant diversity, the management of cultural landscapes and the economic use of plants.

I have published over 20 academic research papers, two books and numerous book chapters.

Project Location: Lower Otter Restoration Project, England