Anne-Sophie Diologent, Deputy General Manager of “Attractiveness”, Communauté de Communes Terroir de Caux

I studied history at university. I specialised in the conservation of old buildings and spent five years working in that field. When the Communauté de Communes Terroir de Caux was created, I was given the chance to change career and became head of the Tourism and Economic Development department. As our group took on more responsibilities and our internal structure changed, little by little my role changed too. I am now Deputy General Manager of what we call “Attractiveness” (Tourism, Economic Development, Redevelopment, Public Services, Sustainable Development, Transport, Entertainment, Youth, Sport, Culture and Social Activities).

I enjoy the challenge and find a lot of motivation in the wide range of services I manage either directly or indirectly. As I love what I do, I am always trying to pay something forward by developing our region. I never tire of trying to meet local people’s expectations in relation to the problems that arise.

It is a privilege to be part of the PACCo team and the project is a great example of what can be achieved. Each and every team member, whether French or British, strives to make their area prosper in an environmentally sympathetic way. This is the first time I’ve worked on this type of project, especially one so big, both in terms of the challenges and the example it sets for the future.

Project Location: Basse Saane 2050, France