Richard Merrienne, General Services Manager, Communauté de Communes Terroir de Caux

I’ve been the General Services Manager at the Communauté de Communes Terroir de Caux since it was created on 1st January 2017. It covers a population of 39,000 with 100 agents.

I’ve been working for local government departments since October 1994. Before that, I spent four years in the private sector.

What motivates me is a real desire to get stuck in. I actually have a couple of businesses myself, which spurs me to achieve more and gives me the perspective from the other side of the public-private sector divide. It is also a good way to get on-the-ground feedback for elective representatives.

With PACCo, I get to satisfy that need to start something new, to create, to find solutions, meet with stakeholders and all in a project with high environmental stakes, making it all the more resilient. The incredible amount of coordination needed around this bi-country project and the various stakeholders is exciting and rewarding both personally and for the areas we are working in.

Project Location: Basse Saane 2050, France