PACCO – first professional project experience by Thomas Drouet, Conservatoire du littoral

Following my master’s degree in geography and regional planning at the University of Caen, I joined the PACCo team as Project Manager, with the task of developing and writing the various deliverables. When I arrived, the project had already entered its operational phase.

The PACCo project is a great opportunity for me to work on a cross-border climate change adaptation project that is unique. The project is the first of its kind to be demonstrated in two different countries at once.

Thomas and Camille Simon (Cdl) in Quiberville

Working on an innovative project on this scale allows me to look in-depth at a wide range of subjects, from biodiversity to socio-economic issues, but also to be able to interact with all the partners and stakeholders in the territory, and with our English partners.

This cross-disciplinary approach has enabled me to acquire new skills and, in particular, to discover the other side of project management, the complexity of its implementation, the coordination of all the partners and the management of the various risks. However, there is nothing more gratifying than to see the various operations come to fruition and to see what was only on the drawing board a few months ago actually take shape.

Today, I understand how lucky I am to be working on such a large-scale, flagship project, especially when I see the requests to come and visit the valley from elected officials and technicians from coastal towns all over France, and hear that the PACCo project and the Basse Saâne 2050 territorial project are models that are inspiring other territories.

Thomas at an all partners meeting in the Lower Otter, Devon